Selected Secondhands

Sometimes rare, sometimes precious, our Selected Secondhands are just a glimpse of the secondhand titles we have:

If you like the sound of any of the books listed here, it is possible to buy them directly from us. Please just get in touch to cut out the middle-man involved in other web-based book retail.

We choose carefully all the secondhand books we stock – a range much wider than those listed here – so please ask us if you are looking for something specific. We price our secondhand books competitively, checking our prices with those on Abe and Bookfinder.

Peter Raby, Alfred Russel Wallace: A Life , Chatto & Windus, 2001. Hardcover vgc  £50+p&p


The Essays of Virginia Woolf  Vol. 1: 1904 to 1912, edited by Andrew McNeillie, Hogarth Press, 1985 (second impression) vgc  £45 + p&p

William Hazlitt and Leigh Hunt, The Round Table 1817  Facsimile Edition, Woodstock Books, 1991 vgc  £60 + p&p

William Hazlitt, Liber Amoris: or, the new Pygmalion 1823 Facsimile Edition, Woodstock Books, 1992 vgc  £25 + p&p

A.C.Grayling, The Quarrel of the Age: the Life and Times of William Hazlitt, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2000. Hardcover, vgc £15 + p&p

The Selected Letters of D.H.Lawrence, compiled and edited by James T. Boulton, Cambridge University Press, 1997. Hardcover, vgc £40.00 + p&p

Living at the Edge:A Biography of D.H.Lawrence & Frieda von Richthofen, Michael Squires and Lynn K. Talbot, Robert Hale: London 2002. Hardcover, vgc £12.50 +p&p

Philip Zeigler, Rupert Hart-Davis: Man of Letters, Chatto & Windus, 2004. Hardcover, vgc £25 + p&p

Jeremy Lewis, Penguin Special:The life and Times of Allen Lane,Viking, 2005. Hardcover vgc £20 +p&p

The Letters of John Keats 1814-21, Volumes 1 and 2, edited by Hyder Edward Rollins, Harvard University Press. First edition(1958), fourth impression of 1980. Hardcover, without dustcover, vgc £120 for the set, plus p&p

Dylan Thomas, The Beach of Falesa, Jonathan Cape, 1964. Hardcover, slight tear to dustcover, £20 +p&p This is Thomas’s screenplay adaptation of Stevenson’s story.

W.H. Auden & Christopher Isherwood, Journey to a War, Faber (revised edition of 1973). Paperback, £20 +p&p First published March 1939 this is their account from Hong Kong, Macao & Shanghai during the first year of the Sino-Japanese War.

T.S.Eliot, The Sacred Wood:Essays on Poetry and Criticism, Methuen (reprint, 1960 of 1920 edition). Hardcover with torn dustcover, £17.50, good/fair condition, +p&p

T.S.Eliot, Selected Essays (1917-32), Faber 1948 (second edition). Hardcover with dustcover, good condition £35 +p&p

The Poems of Robert Fergusson, edited by Robert Aitken, John Knox’s House, Edinburgh 1924. Blue cloth, wear to corners and edges, good condition £15 + p&p Along with Fergusson’s works in Scots, there are odes, satires, elegies on 18th Edinburgh life & characters.

Iain Crichton Smith, From Bourgeois Land: Poems, Gollancz, 1969. Good/fair, £10 + p&p

Andrew Greig & Catherine Lucy Czerkawska, White Boats, Garret Arts, Edinburgh, 1973. Paperback, fair condition £25 +p&p Intro by Robert Garioch

The Cairngorms, Scottish Mountaineering Club Guide, by Sir Henry Alexander, revised by W.A.Ewen, Edinburgh, 1950 (third edition of 1928 original). Great illustrations, all fold out ascent photographs and drawings intact. Fair condition, £25 + p&p


Robin D.G.Kelley, Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original, JR Books, 2009. Hardcover, vgc/fine  £45 +p&p


Rare Books

Rudyard Kipling, The Two Jungle Books, Macmillan, 1924. First edition, soft leather, gilt edged, illustrated by J.L. Kipling and W.H.Drake. Fine.   £200

Robert Louis Stevenson, A Child’s Garden of Verses, John Lane & Scribners, 1896. Illustrations by Charles Robinson. Gilt to spine, cover and edges. Good condition.   £56

John E. Griffith, The Flora of Anglesey & Carnarvonshire, Nixon & Jarvis, Bangor, 1895. Condition good, map intact. £150


Alasdair Gray, Lanark, George Brazilier & Co., New York, 1985. Hardcover, good, cover with AG’s design.  £45 + p&p


Oriana Fallaci, Gli Antipatici, Rizzoli, Milano, seconda edizione,1963. Interviews (Bergman, Hitchcock, Moreau et al). Good condition £100


Cezanne, Aix-en-Provence, Musee Granet, 1982 Paperback catalogue, colour & b&w plates vgc £12.50+ p&p (French text)

The Art of India, Calambur Sivaramamurti, Abrams,1977  Large hardcover, good condition, colour plates intact, £45 +p&p (Note: previous owner has signed/inscribed)

Manet, Kathleen Adler, Phaidon, 1986 Hardcover, good/fair £20 + p&p

Twenty-four hours Amsterdam:Photographs, Meulenhoff/Landshoff, Thames & Hudson, and DuMont Buchverlag, 1986  Hardcover, vgc £25 +p&p

The Omega Workshops 1913-19:Decorative Arts of Bloomsbury, Crafts Council, 1983 Paperback, good condition £15 +p&p

Old Irish Glass, Mrs Graydon Stannus, Connoisseur Series (New Edition: Revised and Enlarged) 1921 vgc £35 +p&p

Don Tyzack, Glass, Tools & Tyzacks, second edition 1995, no dc,vgc £35

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